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A Mikan A day keeps the doctor away

Leaked is a picture of Reina for the Mikan single booklet. I think this picture of her is really kawaii. Hope you enjoy it!

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Radio Queen

YAY! New episode of FIVE STARS is out. I should try and make a reina radio show. Do you think anyone will listen?

All thanks goes to Wonkyfied,again ^_^


New System


 I hate to do this...but FRIENDS ONLY. Due, to some popularity to this site I have to add friends only. This will hopefully only last for a good 2 weeks or less. Sorry everyone.

Brand New Beat

Hi, again. Do you guys like the new layout? I do, but it could be better. Remember I'm still new at photo shopping and stuff. So this took me like an hour to do. Even though, it doesn't look like it. But anyway, I hope you like it. The theme here is suppose to be Mikan. I found this photo on a forum and it said it came from the Mikan Booklet. I'm sure because I didn't pre-order or get a copy of Mikan,yet. Any enjoy this new layout and post many comments. You'll be blessed :)

Hey! Can you hear me?!

Hi,hi! Ok, here is plan for all this week:
New gallery opening.(Only Reina Pics)
More Journal updates on Reina
More Reina on the Radio getting posted soon.
And then that's it. Well, here is what I promised you. The Radio eps. If you missed some.

Nov. 25th, 2007

Wow, it's been a while since I posted in Reina's Motto or Reina's moto-anyone. But anyway, I promise to post much more. Lately, I've been on the internet alot looking up Reina,Hitomi Yoshizawa and Quan Lin. And found a few new things. But not that much. Anyway, back to Reina. Well, currently, I'm downloading and soon to be uploaded on here all of the Reina Tanaka FIVE STARS episodes. I love all of them except for this week's. I didn't like it as much as I like the other weeks ep. Also, I know I'm late but...

I found this pic in the Hello-online.org Reina Tanaka forum. Well, anyway. I going to keep making updates all day so just sit back and enjoy :)

Reina Power

I'm not sure if any of the other Reina sites got actually pictures of the PB and the making of the PB. But I do! And here they are. But first I would like to comment on the PB itself. I was wondering why the company or Tsunku always wanted the girls in bathing suits prancing around? No offense to all the MM or other groups that had to do it or did it. It was just a thought! UGH! Soon I'm going have to wrap this up, due to I have to re-write my english paper and then study for my sciene test. I know-school sucks. But we're lucky that we have Reina's PB to cheer us up. Unlike some people who don't know or never seen who Reina is. Sucks for them :). Hey! Would it be cool if I had a site based on this site? Or would it be cooler if I made a Aika or Koharu site that was kinda like this one? Please post your comments below or message me :)



Well, I finally found out the name of Reina's PB, it's called Girl. Well, actually I had already knew the name, but since this is a new blog, I'm going to have to post it like it's a new event. So, far I think Reina is going great due to she's already been featured in the Morning Musume ALL Singles Compilation,which is good due to alot of people I wish were in there can't be because they aren't in MM anymore. My comments on the cover: I think it's very mature of Reina to do this. I guess maybe this means that she's growing up and she doesn't have time for the cute roles anymore and she wants to be elegant. This could be true,but I have feeling it's not the end of cute Reina. She might pull her sometimes cuteness like Yossie and Ai do sometimes. Description (by rui): This time`s theme is Reina`s summer vacations. There will be cool, suave and mature shots, at the same time, kitten-ish genki shots with a tinge of childishness and extreme cuteness. Shot in mid summer Okinawa and Tokyo. Scenes of her chomping on watermelon, having a great time at the beach and taking a nap will be included. Comes with a making of + comments DVD. Tooken from Girlie.Reina I've seen some scenes and I believe this is correct :) Below a preview of the cover enjoy :)


Reina's 5th PB special

I haven't been on this site in awhile! So, I might be triple posting today, is that okay? Well, let's today has been kinda boring to me. I was online looking for more reina updates and stuff, and I found them-yay! But I'm kinda bored with school you know, I mean you go there pretend to learn and the go home and forget about it. So, sometimes I wonder what's the use, but luckily, I got to stay home due to I was soo tired, and I enjoyed it, really. Because my anoying brothers and a sister wasn't here annoying me. So, now I'm...rambling on! AHHHHH! Ok, back to Reina :). Well, I was visting Girlie.Reina when I landed on upon something I didn't post yet, and here it is: "Reina is going to release her 5th solo photobook on September 27th.
The title is still unknown but the main theme should be something like "Summer Holidays", and the pictures had been taken in Tokyo and Okinawa. As always, a making-of DVD will be included.
Reina Tanaka is now the only one Hello! Project (and Morning Musume) member who got 5 solo photobooks before turning 18 years old."-Girlie.Reina

I like the idea that she's doing this before she turns 18 years old and I also like the fact that she's doing alot of stuff or preparing to do alot of stuff for this photo book, I hope it becomes comes one of her best PB's that she ever does!


Airwaves Queen

Reina has now taken over the airwaves with her very awesome voice, but only on Wed. will you hear her. For 30 full minutes Reina will take over as DJ on InterFM’s new radio show called FIVE STARS!
Brightside: Reina will be the radio, and you get to hear it by download. Darkside: It won't be live and Reina will only be on the radio on Wed. So, for 30 excellent minutes we'll hear our idol on the airwaves :)